Spencer and Brian go Big Toe to Big Toe. The Many Death traps of South America. Dirty Talk: Hollywood – A Gay Penguin, a Sexy Riddler, and 66 episodes later Spencer is still watching.

Brian Type A’s his way to Peru. Spencer, Spray Tans and Sand: A Jersey Shore 4th of July. Inside the Mind of Spencer, spoiler alert…he’s nuts. Dirty Talk: Hollywood – Big Little Money Grab and Katy Perry meets Natalie Morales…of NBC.

The boys are envious of a hot shower and a good steam. Two Jews and A Gay are lifting weights…kinda. One more chance, as the Wrestling Round-Up returns! In Dirty Talk: Hollywood Wonder Woman dethrones 5’6″ Tom Cruise, Mission: Possible!

The Road to WrestleMania Takes a Detour. Peyton Manning Says Goodbye. A Game! Inspired By Two of America’s Biggest Creeps. DTH: Who You Gonna Call?

Poor Jeb! Brian Executes The Todd Rule The Boys Explore The Best Show On TV

A Threesome For The Taking Dirty Talk: Hollywood Executive Producer Derek’s Oscar Picks

Spencer’s Living Hell (Home Building Edition) Two Jews and A Gay Go To Wrestlemania SuperBowl 50 Predictions