The anti-circumcision movement by Brother Todd Spider-Man takes down the LA earthquake Brian’s social media blackout has finally been lifted

Jeremy swipes right…for the last time? What to expect when you’re not expecting. Dirty Talk Hollywood: Ed Harris has BDE and two Joker movies don’t make a right.

Todd overstays his welcome. We go Inside the Mind of Spencer Yasbin. And Rodgers goes beardless.

Spencer and Brian go Big Toe to Big Toe. The Many Death traps of South America. Dirty Talk: Hollywood – A Gay Penguin, a Sexy Riddler, and 66 episodes later Spencer is still watching.

Brian Type A’s his way to Peru. Spencer, Spray Tans and Sand: A Jersey Shore 4th of July. Inside the Mind of Spencer, spoiler alert…he’s nuts. Dirty Talk: Hollywood – Big Little Money Grab and Katy Perry meets Natalie Morales…of NBC.

The boys are envious of a hot shower and a good steam. Two Jews and A Gay are lifting weights…kinda. One more chance, as the Wrestling Round-Up returns! In Dirty Talk: Hollywood Wonder Woman dethrones 5’6″ Tom Cruise, Mission: Possible!

The Road to WrestleMania Takes a Detour. Peyton Manning Says Goodbye. A Game! Inspired By Two of America’s Biggest Creeps. DTH: Who You Gonna Call?

Poor Jeb! Brian Executes The Todd Rule The Boys Explore The Best Show On TV

A Threesome For The Taking Dirty Talk: Hollywood Executive Producer Derek’s Oscar Picks

Spencer’s Living Hell (Home Building Edition) Two Jews and A Gay Go To Wrestlemania SuperBowl 50 Predictions