Monthly Archives: October 2012

Episode 9 – Better Late Than Never

Two Jews and A Gay – Episode 9 – 10272012 Jeremy’s Downward Spiral. Brian’s Weekly Rant Chris Gerstenblatt stops by to talk to Jeremy and Spencer. NBA Finals Predictions. Magic Mikey’s Picks of the week (for last week).  

Episode 8 – Jeremy Returns and Aimee Comes

Two Jews and A Gay – Episode 8 10172012 Welcome Back Jeremy Katz! Magic Mikey’s Picks of the Week. Amy S. joins the podcast to give us the women’s perspective. Fantasy Football Mid-Season Review.

Episode 7 – Derek Green Is Dead To Us

Two Jews and A Gay – Episode 7 – 10132012 Spencer and Brian carry on despite Derek Green’s Internet issues. Brian’s Weekly Rant. Spencer’s Dirty Talk. Magic Mikey’s Football Picks. Weekly Fantasy Football Recap.

Episode 6 – A Guest Host and a Deviated Septum

Two Jews and A Gay – Episode 6 – 10012012 This podcast features our very first guest host. ¬†Welcome Todd Yasbin, filling in for the vacationing Jeremy Katz, to the podcast. This week’s topics: Getting to know your guest host. Spencer’s Dirty Talk. Brian’s Weekly Rant. Magic Mikey’s Week 5 Picks. New Segment! ¬†Deviated Septum […]