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Episode 38 – Deflated Expectations

Brian Sells His Stock in Grindr Jeremy Reaps the Rewards of Bad Dating The Boys Interrogate Mr. Bundchen Spencer’s Top 3 Must See!

Episode 37 – The Passover Miracle is Upon Us!

Brian Gets HUMPed The Wrestling Roundup Inside the Mind of Spencer Yasbin The Two Jews and a Gay Passover Story

Episode 36 – Too Short a Season

Brian’s “Breaking” News Spencer Curbs His Enthusiasm The Interview: The Voice of the Voiceless Dirty Talk: Hollywood

Episode 35 – Spencer Strives for the American Dream

Spencer Yasbin: Homeowner? Friends Don’t Let Friends Let Jeremy Date Their Sister Dirty Talk: Hollywood

Episode 34 – New Season, Same Spencer

Inside the Mind of Spencer Yasbin A Tribute to a Friend Dirty Talk: Hollywood

When Celine Cancels Kathy Delivers

Episode 33 – Sayonara Single Spencer

Jeremy is Taken to the #Woodshed. Spencer’s Final Wedding Update. The Interview: Mr. December. Dirty Talk: Hollywood.

Episode 32 – Bachelors, Balls, Blocks, and Bags

Bachelor Party Bedlam Magic Mikey’s Bachelor Party Picks of the Week If These Balls Could Talk The Defeat of Spencer Yasbin: Hotel Accommodations Edition The Defeat of Spencer Yasbin: Jewish Mother Edition Dirty Talk: Hollywood

Episode 31 – Podcast 2.0 is a Go!

More Breaking News than CNN Creepy Cousins in the Facebook Age Jeremy’s Wedding Hopes Take a Hit Funny Lady Liz: The Interview Dirty Talk: Hollywood

Todd likes his dancing like he likes his politics:

Rigid, out of step, and favoring the right.