Week 9 Power Rankings from The Commish

  1. Gillman – With his win over Dan 2 weeks ago, Gillman is in the driver’s seat to clinch 1st place as not only does he have the best record but also has the 2nd highest point total as well.
  2. Dan – Rosenbaum squeaked out a win over Eric….literally, as he won by 1 point. Dan cant take a sigh of relief just yet, as a red hot Bmart team is waiting for him this Sunday.
  3. Bmart – The Pats may have been on a bye but that didn’t stop the engine from roaring as Bmart beat down a Keith team that came to play. A win over Dan this week will have Bmart right on Megan’s heels as he tries to take over the 2nd spot in the standings
  4. Megan – When it rains, it pours. The league’s queen may have survived an injury to MJD, but now with reports of McFadden banged up, Megan will have to rely even more on her stud WR crew and a rejuvenated Peyton Manning.
  5. NYC – A weak bench finally caught up to Warshaw, losing to an injured Megan team. With reports of Danny Amendola coming back this week, Warshaw’s other Wes Welker may be the boost his team needs.
  6. Spencer – Tough loss this week for Spencer, losing to Nick and possibly losing Antonio Brown for next week. Decker has stepped it up the past few weeks and will need to continue to do so if Brown is out and with Jordy on a bye.
  7. Eric – Eric unveiled his 2 headed RB monster in Foster and McCoy, but it was Randall Cobb who stole the show with 2 tds. Yet Eric lost by a point to Dan in what was this season’s closet game thus far.
  8. Jeremy – Back to back wins has the commish moving up in the standings. With Doug Martin’s freakish 50 point 4 td effort, Sproles’s injury became an afterthought…..for now.
  9. Derek – The Juice needs some juice of its own as he’s lost 3 in a row. Big matchup against Eric this week, as a 4th straight loss would really hurt Derek’s playoff chances
  10. Nick – Nick saved his season with a big win over Yasbin. Can he really count on Joique Bell tallying double digit points a week?
  11. Sexton – Sexton has been putting up some good fights the past couple weeks against good teams. Unfortunately his team just isn’t good enough to pull out the wins
  12. Chris – Doug Martin does NOT like you.

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