Week 10 Power Rankings from The Commish

  1. Gillman – Gillman is getting very close to wrapping up the #1 seed and that cool $100. A win over Yasbin this week and its pretty much all in the bag
  2. Bmart – Vroom! Vroom! Hear that? That’s Bmart’s engine and it aint stopping anytime soon. Megan and Dan better watch out, Bmart’s coming for that #2 spot
  3. No No No No – Rosenbaum’s RBs showed up, and when they do this team can put up a whole lot of points. Can they show up every week? No, but with RG3’s wheels, all he needs is 1 to show up on a weekly basis
  4. Megan – The queen is staying alive, even with an injury depleted RB core. She prob wont be able to hold onto the #2 spot, but Megan’s main concern is getting her RBs healthy come playoff time.
  5. Adam – The Big Heat gets it done. Its not pretty, in fact a lot of times its pretty ugly. Yet the Big Heat continues to stay ahead of the pack, pulling out wins on a weekly basis
  6. Eric – The champ got his QB as newly acquired Stafford put up over 30 points. If Eric can get a healthy and productive Murray to come back, this team might be one of the most dangerous in the league
  7. Spencer – A big win for Spencer over the commish didn’t come without a price. Fred Jackson suffered a concussion and is out this week, while Reggie Bush’s role in the Miami offense is becoming smaller, has Yasbin’s agent working the phones
  8. Commish – The commish’s winning streak came to an end, as did his starting QB with Vick going down with a concussion. Good thing he has Cutler….and down goes Cutler.
  9. Nick – Whether or not you liked Nick’s trade with Eric this past week, he def was the most talked about GM in our league. The result so far? 0-1 with Brown on a bye this week.
  10. Derek – The Juice has gone flat. Bigtime. After an impressive start to the season, D Green’s team has plummeted in the standings. With a matchup against the red hot Bmart this week, the free fall should continue. Vroooom!
  11. Keith – Sex appeal doesn’t translate to wins.
  12. Chris – Your team is trying Chris, they really are. Once again Chris came up just a few points shy on MNF from pulling out a win. Eric, don’t sleep on Chris this week as Spiller should have a big game as he’s now the featured back in Buffalo.

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